Finding Your Way Home Rewards
Real Estate Program

Finding Your Way Home Rewards does more than just offer you cash back when you purchase or sell a home. With our program, you get:

  • $500 in cash back for every $100,000 in home purchase or sale price after closing.*
    Sell a home for $150,000 through our program and receive a $750 cash back rebate after closing. Additionally, if you purchase a $200,000 home you’ll receive an additional $1,000, for a total of $1,750 cash back rewards.
  • Access to pre-screened, high-quality agents through locally known brands

*In some circumstances, the Real Estate Reward will be provided in the form of a reduced real estate sales commission.

How The Real Estate Rewards Process Works

We’ve made this process extremely easy for you to claim your rewards. When you contact us, we’ll have a few questions for you such as; buying and/or selling area(s), approximate purchase or sales price and your time frame. Using this information, we’ll refer you to a qualified participating real estate agent, who you’ll work directly with to complete your purchase and/or sale. After closing, within about 30 days, you’ll receive your Real Estate Reward direct from the agent/broker. This is your money to spend as you please. No additional paperwork, forms or work on your part is necessary.

Schmidt Mortgage Company strives to refer quality real estate brokers and agents, moving services providers and other service providers that provide quality services and products. However, Schmidt Mortgage Company cannot make any representations or warranties as to the fitness and applicability of the referred brokers and agents, moving services providers and other providers and their services for your particular circumstance. Schmidt Mortgage Company does not provide a warranty with respect to your particular engagement, relationship and experience with the referred brokers, agents and moving services providers or their services. You must evaluate the brokers, agents and household goods providers and other service providers and their services and make selections and decisions based upon your own best judgment, interest, and circumstances. Schmidt Mortgage Company is not providing advice with respect to any selection or decision you may make. Mid America Mortgage, Inc., NMLS 150009 | OH: MB.802765.000 DBA Schmidt Mortgage Company ( is an equal opportunity lender, with branches in Rocky River NMLS 312767 | OH: MB.802765.012, Willoughby NMLS 270984 | OH: MB.802765.007-BR and Akron NMLS 663482 | OH: MB.802765.010-BR. © Find Your Way Home - All Rights Reserved. Site by ILM Marketing